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General information
Gene name Succinate dehydrogenase, subunit A
Gene symbol SDHA
Chromosome Location 5p15
Database location http://chromium.lovd.nl/LOVD2/SDH/
Curator Dr. J.P.L. Bayley and Dr. Peter E.M. Taschner
Database reference for citations Bayley et al., 2005
PubMed references View all (unique) PubMed references in the SDHA database
Date of creation January 05, 2005
Last update January 17, 2016
Version SDHA160117
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Reference sequence file Genomic reference sequence for describing sequence variants
Genomic refseq ID NG_012339.1
Transcript refseq ID NM_004168.2
Exon/intron information Exon/intron information table
Total number of unique DNA variants reported 22
Total number of individuals with variant(s) 24
Total number of variants reported 32
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NOTE CITATION: If you benefit from the use of this database and publish findings, please cite; (Bayley JP, Devilee P, Taschner PE. BMC Med Genet. 2005 Nov 16;6:39.)

SDHA has not yet been associated with paragangliomas and pheochromocytomas in spite of several investigations. SDHA has at least one pseudogene, which is located on chromosome 3p29 (Parfait et al., 2000). The pseudogene(s) may interfere with sequence variation detection. The variants included in the database were derived from the published literature or submitted directly and, where necessary, annotated to conform to current HGVS mutation nomenclature. When you notice any omissions or mistakes, please let us know (thank you).

Graphical displays and utilities
Summary tables Summary of all sequence variants in the SDHA database, sorted by type of variant (with graphical displays and statistics)
Reading-frame checker The Reading-frame checker generates a prediction of the effect of whole-exon changes
UCSC Genome Browser Show variants in the UCSC Genome Browser (compact view)
Ensembl Genome Browser Show variants in the Ensembl Genome Browser (compact view)
NCBI Sequence Viewer Show distribution histogram of variants in the NCBI Sequence Viewer

Sequence variant tables
Unique sequence variants Listing of all unique sequence variants in the SDHA database, without patient data
Complete sequence variant listing Listing of all sequence variants in the SDHA database
Variants with no known pathogenicity Listing of all SDHA variants reported to have no noticeable phenotypic effect (note: excluding variants of unknown effect)
Download table Download the full sequence variant table of the SDHA database in tab-delimited text format.

Search the database
By type of variant View all sequence variants of a certain type
Simple search Query the database by selecting the most important variables (exon number, type of variant, disease phenotype)
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Copyright & disclaimer
Disclaimer: Inclusion of sequence variants in the SDH mutation database does not imply that there is convincing evidence for pathogenicity.